Zero Lag Thirty ~ Blog Challenge and Part Two of Stylin’ Ain’t Easy

Hey everyone, and welcome to ‘Zero Lag Thirty,’ part two of my ‘Stylin’ Ain’t Easy’ blog series!

BLOGGERS: This is my next challenge for you! I want to see your best, least laggy outfit; help spread the word that Zero Lag can still look amazing. ❤

Today we’re going to explore the challenge of trying to move around in Second Life. We’ve all fallen prey to the SL ‘Lag Monster’ and while sometimes the situation is completely out of our control, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy.

So whether you’re scaling down (har har) to get ready for competitive racing like me or you’d just like to be able to cross the floor of your favourite club without rubberbanding, you might want to read on. Watch and learn, Grasshopper.

ZeroLag1 600 ( If you want to race with guys like these, you need to run lean and clean. ) Continue reading

Learning Your A-B-C’s (Part One of I-don’t-know-how-many!)

Okay, wow. So. This is turning into quite the project, isn’t it?

Are you as excited as I am to be doing this? (I certainly hope so!)

So today we begin with pretty, pretty horses, but I promise we’ll get a little farther this time. 😀 We’re going to talk about Awesome Breed Creations (ABC) in a general way to start. We’ll have a peek at the mainshop with a very broad overview of what an interested outsider (ie. me) would be interested to know about the special features ABC has to offer.

ABC Intro 1 600 ( Pretty, right? It’s even nicer at 4048x. :D)

Teleporting onto the sim is easy, the landmark is right here, and you’ll notice immediately that the place is just beautiful. Horses everywhere! As you’re able to see in the picture above (and probably every other picture I take for the next three months), there are a ton of beautiful, beautiful options as well. This is the first thing that struck me about ABC and the thing that I can’t help but revisit when I ask myself if I really want to try another breedable:

They’re just so pretty. Continue reading

Breathe Me

Today’s post begins with a lamp.  A lovely lamp from {what next} that I have in my living room (the one that never needs tidying or vacuuming and I never stub my toe on the coffee table). I’ve been wearing this coldLogic sweater a lot lately as well, and this hair from Exile that never seems to work with any outfit I want to blog. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to photograph these two things; it’s been driving me crazy for weeks!

Breathe Me Story

So I’m realxing, considering what I should do next, and I was struck again by how pretty and simple this lamp is. I like simple things. I like clean lines and soft colours. I love textures that look snuggly and warm, especially when I’m feeling a little down (which I am). The lamp reminds me of all these things and since I’m already dressed in clothes I love, I sneak up to my platform for an experiment! Continue reading

Week 21 WoC ~ Lemon Chiffon!


I have never, EVER, been so excited to write a blog challenge entry as I am right here, right now. Forget that it’s my birthday week (*whispers* May 24th, I like smelly things and shiny things), forget that I practically live in the colour yellow, but this week is LEMON and I couldn’t be happier. I cook and bake in RL (a lot) and lemon is probably one of my top five favourite ingredients to use. I drink my water with lemon. G&T? Needs a bit of lemon. Favourite dessert? You guessed it, lemon pie.

Lemon is bright and beautiful but sometimes it needs a touch of sweetness, a bit of lightness, and that’s where the chiffon comes in. It’s a perfect blend of flavours and, in this case, a truly beautiful colour.

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Week 20 WoC – Deep Pink (OW, MY EYES!)

I love pink, I really do, but I absolutely could -not- bring myself to put a full-on nothing-but-pink outfit together this week. Instead, I’ve paired my new (and adored!) pencil skirt from e! with a sweet little sweater I found at {Happy} earlier this year. Kitty glasses from Gos and roller skates from [PM] make this outfit a ton of fun and of course, I’m rocking my favourite freebie emote hud from Lady A. Wooo! Continue reading

SecondLife Heroes

Hahaha, well.

I haven’t made it through everything I wanted to finish today but I’m really pleased to share this little project with you instead. My brother Lucky (whom you need to know if you don’t already) and I have been talking about rocking our superhero costumes together for about a week but schedules being what they are, tonight was the first night we were both free.

Check it out!

(but ignore the typo)

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