Once Upon a Time..

… there was a young girl who loved fairy tales; they were the first stories she read to herself and the dreams she dreamed at night. Like many girls, she wanted to be a princess, find True Love, and live Happily Ever After.

As she grew older, she learned that the world was not exactly as it seemed in the stories she loved best. It was hard to dream about castles from a 2-bedroom apartment and gallant princes always seemed to be in short supply. She began to write stories instead, creating characters that were like her, but not her, and she made a point of finding happy endings for all of them. It wasn’t ideal but, gosh, she believed in them anyway.

Wonder 1 600 (This picture is even lovelier in higher resolution. Check my flickr, darn you! )

I’ll admit that I had other plans for this post (*gasp!*). It was going to be a cheerful, cheeky introduction to Awesome Breed Creations (ABC) horses where I depicted and discussed everything a curious outsider would want to know. I took pictures. I asked questions. I wore knee boots and jodhpurs and ran at a script count of one without looking like it. Then my friend Draco passed me some horses, these horses, and my well-laid plans flew out the window. Continue reading

Check @ the FAIR!

Hello everyone!

I’d like to begin today by thanking my SL sister, the incredible Bean, for inspiring this post by dragging (okay, maybe not entirely dragging) me to the last installment of FAIR last week ( 😦 ) and pointing me toward these beautiful mesh gowns by Apple May Designs. I’m not sure what other people thought when they saw red and white side by side but my mind went IMMEDIATELY to Wonderland.


( Check my Flickr for an awesome widescreen shot of our showdown! ) Continue reading

Beyond the Waves

Hello, everyone!

Just a short little bloggy post for now; I’m hoping to get another installment for Tomorrow Today, well, today! I just have to share this lovely new hair from Exile, though, and my continuing love affair with the IKON Eternal eyes. Since it’s a casual kind of day (and I’ve gotta wear something), I figured Maitreya was the way to go; if you haven’t been there lately you absolutely need to check out the mesh sweater dress and the gorgeous new(ish) Suave shoes from Maitreya Gold. The jewelry is pretty casual too and a couple of my favourite finds from Glow Studio and Maxi Gossamer. ❤

( Check here for a close-up of the hair/eyes/gorgeousness. ) Continue reading


HG: Thursday! It can’t be! It’s too gruesome!

PV: What’s so gruesome about Thursday?

HG: Nothing, except I can never remember when it’s coming up.

AAAHHHH!!!  Thursday already and nearly a week into Cinema! Can you believe it?! I had plans, so many plans, so many outfits lined up and ready to go but life just kind of takes over sometimes and it’s all we can do to keep up. But boy, I have a treat for you now – cross my heart and kiss my elbow!

So yes, I can never decide of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favourite movie of all time but when I have the “mean reds” there’s nothing else for me to do but pop this DVD on, close my eyes, and just listen to Audrey Hepburn’s voice for a couple of hours. I could do it right now except it’s Thursday (!!) and I have other things to do this afternoon, blah! Continue reading

Love! ~ Mon Tissu Blogger Challenge (pt. 2)

I may be a total hippie for saying it, but there is nothing in this world as important to me as love. It doesn’t have to be the sort of True Love we read about, the sort rhapsodized in song and story (although gosh, it’s pretty freaking wonderful when you find it); it’s perfectly perfect to love your family and your cat, your best friends and your favourite pair of shoes. Love a moment in time, carry it around with you forever, and smile as you revisit it an hour, a day, or ten years later. Something I noticed this morning is the love that goes into the designs at {Mon Tissu}; the care and thought and attention to detail that -seems- obvious at first until you look closer and realize that it’s more than that. Look at the chair in this picture – it’s pretty, right? Now look at the pattern in my shoes and this gorgeous bag.

Realize how lovely and profound this is.

Feel the love, my lovelies.

Mhmm, the larger picture. ❤ Continue reading

Sunday, sunday, Sunday! (Chop Zuey Girl Madness)

Okay, so yes, I realize today is, in fact, WEDNESDAY but as this is a post about last weekend (hah), the title fits! In my last entry I mentioned a certain competition taking place on (gasp!) Sunday afternoon and I’ve got to say .. it was an experience I’ll never forget.

The energy was just incredible! Despite (or possibly TO spite) the lag and the crashes, the change of venue, missing finalists and co-ordinators and a general sense of ‘what the heck do we dooooooo,’ plus the stress of (oh right) THE COMPETITION, I am so pleased to say that the show did go on, and beautifully. Of the sixteen finalists, I believe fourteen were in attendance and just spectacular in sparkling gemstones and formal gowns. I’m kicking myself now for not taking notes on what everyone was wearing.

Here’s what I put together, though. 🙂

Want to see a pretty close up shot? It’s right here! Continue reading