Just Breathe…. Discussing Bloggers, Designers, and Sponsorship

It’s been an emotional day.

Even now, I’m not sure what I’m going to write or how I’m going to begin. There are a few things I’d like to discuss in this post but I want to approach them gently, as gently as possible, anyway.

I was removed from one of my blogger groups this afternoon. No warning, no offlines, no “hey, Portia, I noticed you haven’t posted in a while” or even a “thanks for doing what you did but we need to keep our roster super-active,” kind of message. There was nothing and, I’m not going to lie, I took it hard as I have been covering this brand unofficially for many years. I’m still taking it hard, trying to get through the night by reminding myself to breathe through the ache in my throat and the stinging in the corners of my eyes.


It’s been hard for me to find the time to blog this month. All of us get busy and sometimes I’m jealous of the fact that many of the bloggers I admire find the time to post regularly, even frequently, when it’s been so hard for me to carve out a few hours to sit down and work on a picture. That’s what it is for me: hours. The picture you see above, which I love, took about three hours from start to finish, maybe a little longer because I had to reinstall Photoshop (thank you, Life). This post will take another hour to write because I’m not interested in posting a picture and credits. I won’t do it. It breaks my heart a little bit to think that if I’d just bent a little bit on that ‘rule’ of mine in the past, Mask and Mien could be doing better than it is now. I wouldn’t have let one of my favourite people in SL down the way I did. Continue reading

The Empress’ New Clothes: A Couture Fairy Tale

Hello, hello!

Long post today so I’m going to keep my chatter to a minimum (although if anyone is in ¬†the MOOD to listen to me ramble endlessly about anything, feel free to find me, Portia Pexington, in world ūüėČ ). I freaking LOVE styling challenges, maybe I’ve said this before, and anything that allows me to mix fantasy and fashion together is bound to get my immediate and undivided attention.

The concept for this challenge is simple: style and photograph a fairytale inspired couture outfit featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe designs. ¬†For my first picture, I re-imagined¬†Charles Perrault‘s Little Red Riding Hood and had a grand time giving Lil Red a modern spin. Even when I’m working with contemporary fashion, I try to give my outfits a bit of extra finesse;¬†a big part of fashion for me is finding ways to blur those lines between genres, to do something that speaks to my experience as a role player and lover of many different styles without sacrificing my aesthetic standards.

Kind of a snooty thing to say, huh? Well, have you ever heard Hans Christian Andersen’s¬†story¬†of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

The Empress' New Clothes - SO FANCY

I’ve gone ahead and pasted it below, only altering a few things to allow for an Empress instead of an Emperor and some female presence in the story overall. It really is a funny story about how easy it is for people to be fooled when their pride is on the line and, maybe I’ll catch a bit of heat for this, I feel like it’s applicable to some of what we see in Second Life fashion as well. It’s so easy to get caught up in what one person or another TELLS us looks good; so easy to just nod and go along with people who feel like theirs is the only opinion that matters and if you happen to disagree with them, well, you’re wrong. Continue reading

Dancing in the Moonlight: An April Co-Blog Experience

Wow, halfway through the month already and I can’t quite believe where the time has gone! What I can believe, though, is how often I say things just like this, meaning them with all my heart every single time, and how I should not be surprised by this¬†– not even a little bit – but I am. Every. Single. Time.


One of the few benefits to living under a perpetual (and yes, self-imposed) time crunch, however, is that I make a point of evaluating what’s really important¬†-which pictures need to happen; which posts must be written. Which thoughts and ideas are so beautiful they all but demand a chance to be made manifest or, more simply said:

I love what I do. I wish I could do it more often. Continue reading

Thematic Tuesday – What’s Your Trope?

This post could have been about a lot of things. I considered writing about what it takes to put an outfit like this together, how rewarding it feels to bring something cohesive together that feels new and, best of all, exciting! How easy it is to get stuck blogging one  thing or another in Second Life but, gosh, how none of us need to settle. Not for one flipping minute!

So instead of writing another fashion review post I want to talk about another place to find inspiration because, and I hope you believe me when I say this, even the most creative people breathing need a bit of help sometimes. ūüėČ

Action Fashionista II.png

A good chunk of my ability to style fashion pieces to work within a scene comes from my love of role playing Рonce I have a scene in mind, most of the concept work is already done for me Рbut even non-RPers can draw from personal experience to do this. Continue reading

Of all the Gin Joints in all the Towns in all the World…

… you walk into mine. And I’m glad you did.

Satine and Sparking Citrine Lit.png

Inspiration is a fickle thing; powerful when you have it but so frustrating when it continues to elude you. With the incredible month I’ve been having so far, though, and this beautiful new release from Chop Zuey, I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than my best effort.

This¬†outfit began very differently, starting with the¬†jewellery, but no matter how I tried to shoot the pictures themselves something just wasn’t right. Oh, they were fine, even lovely, but they were missing an “it” factor. They weren’t special. I couldn’t make them special no matter how hard I tried. Maybe you’ve been there before as well; maybe you considered taking a step back to regroup, even putting the project off for a while. Maybe you persevered the way I did. Started fresh with an inventory-dive to see what was what. Continue reading


Life is funny, isn’t it?

Lucky and I weren’t always an item. Heck, you can even see posts on this blog where I introduce him as my brother because, for the longest time, we were brother and sister in Second Life. Not in the creepy Game of Thrones way¬†(*cough*don’twakethedragon*cough*)¬†but we were closer than friends. We took care of one another, supported one another, and during those times where our lives took us in completely different directions, there was always the security that came with knowing that there was someone, somewhere that accepted and cared for you no matter what. We could always come back.


Continue reading