<3 As You Wish <3

I realize that it’s been a pretty big day for blogging today and for those of you who have caught each of my posts in the last twenty for hours and NOT lost your marbles entirely – THANK YOU!

It’s been such a busy month (yes, I know I say this all the time but hey, I’m a busy girl!) and I STILL have one more post I want to get out today after this one. Your patience is greatly appreciated

Lord And Lady

So this post is going to be short and very sweet and, really, sandwiched between two pictures of my man Lucky and myself, how could it not be? Continue reading

May The Twenty-Fourth Awakens: BIRTHDAY EDITION

Episode 1: The Portia Awakens….

Yep, that’s right. Today is my birthday and, wonder of wonders, I was able to SLEEP IN! In spite of the ridiculous heat, high pollen count, and insomnia that’s been kicking my ass all week, SLEEP HAPPENED!

May the Fourth - AWAKE.png

When the question of what I would like to do today arose, it may surprise some of you to hear that my first answer was “blog the Star Wars picture we took on the fourth!” Maybe it doesn’t surprise everyone, though. 😉 Lucky and I are huge fans of the genre and, even as I’m writing this post, our music stream is playing some of the greatest movie music ever written. ❤ Continue reading

Pile Her Up

What is a pile up? In short it is an unedited photo (a raw shot) that usually has a solid color background to make it easier to edit. Most I’m sure have heard of green screening/blue screening before. If not it’s when you shoot your avatar or item against a bright green/blue/whatever color screen. If you’ve never used a shot like that, you can learn how to edit it in Photoshop in this video from Daeberethwen Arbenlow. She has multiple tutorials that are absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend watching all of them and playing around. I’ve learned so much from them already.

Portia - Aisling ~ Fantasy Gacha Pileup

The photo above is my first attempt at a pile up. Portia posted one yesterday that she had taken for her blog post. For whatever reason it didn’t make the cut for what she was wanting to do. Instead of just tossing it out she decided to post it as a pile up. I figured if I was ever going to try to do one I may as well start with her. It was pretty fun to try and I feel like it came together well. Continue reading

Dancing in the Moonlight: An April Co-Blog Experience

Wow, halfway through the month already and I can’t quite believe where the time has gone! What I can believe, though, is how often I say things just like this, meaning them with all my heart every single time, and how I should not be surprised by this – not even a little bit – but I am. Every. Single. Time.


One of the few benefits to living under a perpetual (and yes, self-imposed) time crunch, however, is that I make a point of evaluating what’s really important -which pictures need to happen; which posts must be written. Which thoughts and ideas are so beautiful they all but demand a chance to be made manifest or, more simply said:

I love what I do. I wish I could do it more often. Continue reading

Who’s the King of the Castle and Who’s the Dirty Rascal?

This is an idea that I’ve been cooking up for a couple of days and I WISH it could have come in as a We ❤ Role Play (We ❤ RP) preview post! Sometimes life gets in the way, though, and what with being sick yesterday and today is my nephew’s third birthday (AAHHH!! <3), there just wasn’t time to get to posting until tonight. As you might be able to tell from the theme of the pictures below, Lucky and I are both in an aggressive headspace at the moment but don’t worry, we try to use our powers for good. 😉

King of the Castle.png

Today marks the opening of the newest round of We ❤ RP and I KNOW that I say this every time but WOW! There’s a veritable TON of great items available, many of which will find their way onto Mask and Mien over the next few weeks (I already have four more posts in mind, styled up and ready to go). Continue reading

A Helping Hand!

Please take a moment to read this, anyone who has ever taken pictures in Second Life has most likely heard of Exposeur Poses & Animations. I know I’ve personally shopped there from as far back as I can remember. She could really use a hand right now and while I could right it this myself, it’s best to just read it straight from Rubystarlight herself. Thank you!


Please Help: Today my poor sweet princess Chloe had a tooth bending completely forward, ready to fall out. Of course, I took her to the vet only to find out it’s not just one tooth. In addition to the one falling out, the vet feels that most (if not all) of her teeth are infected and putting her at risk of the infection spreading to her organs. Right now, I can’t even afford the x-rays so i don’t know exactly how bad it is. They gave her antibiotics to fight the infection and he said the broken tooth will fall out on it’s own in a day or two. But the gum disease and gingivitis in her poor little mouth can’t be cured by an antibiotic, so the infection will come back and make work of her already degenerating teeth.

The surgery required to remove the teeth that can’t be fixed along with cleaning out the infected teeth that have a chance requires a pretty major procedure. Until I have the x-rays done, I won’t know the cost for sure but the estimate is anywhere from $1000 – $5000. I wish I had this kind of money to get her the care she needs, but I don’t. I know a lot of people would just euthanize a pet who would cost this much, but I’ve had her for my entire adult life and I’m not ready to let her down like that. I’m not ready to give up and let her go over infected teeth. I hope there are enough people out there with pets who understand that and can help me.
I don’t know if I can raise enough money with a sale at my store… I’m not a huge major brand, but I have to try. So right now my whole store is on sale. Everything is L$50-L$100, including my large props. My gachas are marked down to L$15. If you have any use for poses, please consider shopping. The sale will go on for at least a week, but perhaps longer depending on how much I can raise.

If I do not raise enough money for Chloe and she’s unable to have the surgery now, I will save the money and save all I can in the coming weeks while working with the vet to keep her infection and pain managed. But I hope Second Lifers (along with RL family and friends) will come through for her… if not me. I’m happy to share vet records with anyone who would like confirmation of the validity of her diagnosis. Thank you for reading this and thank you for your help.”

Visit Exposeur Poses here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noble%20Hollow/96/40/39

Tavern Tuesday .. Wait, it’s Tuesday Again, Right?

Well shoot!

It might not be Tuesday yet but last night Lucky and I maneuvered into a good amount of free time .. which I commandeered for the sole purpose of getting this idea OUT of my head and onto Mask and Mien.

“But Portia,” you might ask, “where did you get this idea for a ‘Tavern Tuesday?'”

Well, Dear Reader, I’m glad you asked!

Tavern Tuesday.png
“Wow, how much were we drinking this weekend?”

The concept started last Tuesday or maybe the one before when Lucky and I were doing our ‘flickr maintenance’ (scrolling through our streams to admire the people we follow, see what they’re making and/or wearing; what’s new, etc.) and I noticed that there were a LOT of, well, there were a lot of breasts on my stream. I like breasts, having them myself, but the sheer VOLUME of cleavage, side-boob, nips, and pasties was starting to get to me. My man was kind enough to inform me that ‘T-T Tuesdays’ (say it aloud if you have to, I’m trying to keep bosom mentions to a reasonable minimum here) are a real thing. Because they are! What. Continue reading


Life is funny, isn’t it?

Lucky and I weren’t always an item. Heck, you can even see posts on this blog where I introduce him as my brother because, for the longest time, we were brother and sister in Second Life. Not in the creepy Game of Thrones way (*cough*don’twakethedragon*cough*) but we were closer than friends. We took care of one another, supported one another, and during those times where our lives took us in completely different directions, there was always the security that came with knowing that there was someone, somewhere that accepted and cared for you no matter what. We could always come back.


Continue reading

Are you Ready for Halloween? Five costume ideas you might want to consider (Part One)

In this short (and very quick) series of posts, I am excited to show you some of my favourite Halloween costume ideas that may be a little bit different from the creepy, kooky, sexy, and scary costumes we’ve all come to know and love. Many of these outfits are mix and match, which I love to do, and all of them were assembled with a collection of old and new gear.

Don’t know what to wear for Halloween, 2015?

Read on! You might already have everything you need in your inventory!

Halloween Star Wars Speeder

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Continue reading