About Portia

Alicorn vs Unicorn


First of all, I’ve been a member of the Second Life (SL) community since September 05, 2009 and even on that first day, I was in love with the beautiful and creative work of SL’s designers. I don’t think anyone looked as good then as they do now but, gosh, I tried! 

I’ve done a lot during my time here, everything from role play to pageants and horse racing to raising over one hundred and fifty breedable cats at one time. Whatever I’ve done, though, I’ve always done my best to approach them with as much enthusiasm and positivity as possible. Sometimes it works out great and other times not so much. Some of those stories might find their way onto my blog because I approach Mask and Mien as more than a catalogue. I want to have a dialogue. I want to talk about fashion and shopping and whatever else comes to mind.

This is MY house!

Welcome. ❤

Second Life: Portia Pexington
Facebook: Portia  Pexington
Flickr: P.Pexington
Plurk: P_Pexington
Email: p.pexington@gmail.com

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