About This Blog ~ Notes and Review Policy

There are a few things I’d like to go ahead and mention in regards to this blog, a few things that may be a little different from the last incarnation (anything after October 2014):

  • The SLurls I list on Mask and Mien will be few and far between. In an effort to keep things simpler for everyone, I’m listing stores and designers in my credits but only including SLurl links to current events (like Collabor88, We ❤ RP, etc.). The best way to find specific items after these events have closed will be to enter the designer’s name in your search bar. Please trust me, it’s much easier this way. ❤
  • I go out of my way to credit every item used here but even with my obsessive attention to detail, I do mess up. If you see something here that isn’t credited or is credited wrong, please tell me! I promise, I’ll thank you for it. There might be cookies.
  • I’m bad at responding to comments, and I mean bad. I’ll try harder this time ’round, I swear, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Truly. Even taking somewhat less time to tl:dr and skip ahead to credits when I get rambly .. it means a lot to see honest feedback and if you care enough to take the time to comment, I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.
  • Some of my posts have a decidedly editorial feel and I want to say, here and now, that I’m not any kind of authority on anything in Second Life. We’re all here for different reasons, some more clear than others, and one of the major reasons for this blog is the fact that I love to write. I love sharing my thoughts and experiences and though they aren’t all positive, I’m not interested in tearing anybody down. At all. If some of my comments sting, I’m sorry. They weren’t meant to hurt anyone.
  • We use Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Plurk, Reddit, and Google+ to promote our posts here. Being social is very important to us!

Review Policy:

  • First of all, if you are or know a designer that’s generous enough to give review copies to bloggers, thank you! Blogging Second Life (SL) fashion isn’t cheap and sometimes it’s hard to cover even half as much as I’d like for any given event or new release. Review copies help here but they are absolutely not required. Not even a little bit! I love shopping almost as much as I love taking pictures so even a nudge to a new store or an event I’ve not covered before would be appreciated! I’m always excited to discover new things in SL; anything from high fashion to fantasy and I’m a happy, happy girl.
  • In the event that I do receive review copies, however, I have to say that I’ll do my best to cover them as close to the release date as possible. It may not be right away. It might take a week, even two weeks. :O
  • There may be times when an item doesn’t make it onto my blog! This may happen for a number of reasons but it’s most likely that 1) I haven’t gotten around to it yet due to RL or 2) it just isn’t working for me. If there’s ever any question about whether something is going to make it up here or not, please just ask! Contact me in-world (portia.pexington) or by NC or e-mail (p.pexington@gmail.com) if that’s easier for you and we’ll sort it all out.

And I think that’s everything!

If you do have questions that aren’t covered here, please just ask and I’ll do my best to answer.