Addressing the Dresses (CHIC², part three!)

It’s no secret that I love all things yellow/white/bright/happy so you must be able to imagine how thrilled I was to receive these gorgeously playful minidresses! Koketka is a new store to me HOWEVER wandering into the mainshop felt like nothing so much as finding another part of my closet lost to me until now. The dress is mini, meshy, and super cute! I can’t wait to just dive right in here later this month for a full examination of Juli’s wonderful designs. Maxi Gossamer has delivered yet -another- beautiful offering: the Lost Eden Sun Pendant. Wear it short, wear it long, but make sure you WEAR it this summer! Like the rest of her designs, this pendant is mesh and so pretty you’ll never want to take it off. ❤

I’m still wearing, and still loving, the new Wasabi Pills Anais 2 hair, my stunning IKON Horizon eyes, and this Pekka lip balm I can’t seem to get enough of. It’s such a happy combination on a truly exciting day.

It’s almost time for CHIC² to open it’s doors – are YOU ready for the party?

Hey, look! Another dress and (gasp!) it’s white!

“Why Portia,” you ask, “don’t you have enough white dresses in your closet? Isn’t this getting redundant for you?”

Well, I doubt anybody’s asking, really, as there is no such thing as too many dresses, much less too many WHITE dresses. Not when they’re this flirty, chic, and unique! I love the ruffles, the structured bodice, and the overall -shape- of Nene. It’s a clubbing/date dress for sure. 🙂 I was also completely thrilled to see a new hatty hair at the CHIC² event! Pomme D’Amour has created something truly fun with this Birds & Bees ‘do (I’m a SPARKLING blonde, btw, super great!) and how cute is this PHILO flower hair pin? I stuck it on my new hat because .. why the heck not? It’s just a little extra glitter in a great design that I’m sure to wear again and again.

~ Portia ~

Koketka ~ Sara dress-yellow ~ New@CHIC²
Maxi Gossamer ~ Necklace – Eden Sun Pendant – Short ~ New@CHIC²

/Wasabi Pills/ Anais 2 Mesh Hair – Rye ~ New@CHIC²
.Pekka. HYDRA Lip balm (2) ~ New@CHIC²

Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
IKON Horizon Eyes v2 – Pale Glass
Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong *REDGRAVE*


Miamai_Nene White ~ New@CHIC²

PHILO – Hair Pin – Glitter ~ New@CHIC²
.Pekka. HYDRA Lip balm (2) ~ New@CHIC²

Pose: Frooti  ~ New@CHIC²
Bench: What Next

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